UE4 [BatchLodTool]批量处理模型资源LOD分级


    *.copy plugin in your project's plugins folder. and generate it.

    *.the plugin is source code, so you must rebuild it.

    1.init the staticmesh have no other lod only base lod.

    2.the plugin run finished will add some lodsetting parameters in Project Settings, now i have add four parameters in here.

    3. this plugin can batch handle some staticmeshes with you select. like have a button in the menu when press right mouse.

    4. if you have done, you can open staticmesh with had batched. you can see the staticmesh have some lod levels, and you can check every level's setting parameter whether from project setting. and check other lod level whether can use.

    5. select other level like this , you can see the percent Triangles and screen size have set new value.

    Tag: The selection staticmesh must be closed when processing.


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